Who We Are?

MOJITECH is now one of Lebanon’s leading computer companies and the proud business partner of many international NGOs, embassies, hotels, restaurants, and companies. But this is how it all started…

Remember the huge cell phones, Pentium processors, AIM and ICQ, the introduction of iMac, DVDs, Windows NT 3.1, 95 and 98 …?
Well, it’s the 90s we’re talking about with the groundbreaking boom of the technological revolution in the world; and, in a small corner in Lebanon, the dawn of MOJITECH.

MOJITECH started out as a small computer sales/repair shop in 1997 in the heat of technological breakthroughs. In 2004, what was originally a humble shop with a small showroom had already developed into a reliable computer (hardware and software) service provider, offering in-house and on-site computer facilities.

Some four years later, the company enlarged/renovated its space and broadened its business significantly to better serve its ever-growing clientele.

All through its ongoing growth, MOJITECH remained loyal to its basic work ethics: offering satisfactory SOLUTIONS and providing attentive CARE to each and every customer’s IT needs.